I have a number of problems.

1- Too much to read, too little time

Staying on top of the latest trends, headlines, news is quite impossible with the amount of content created everyday. Therefore I have to choose what I read and digest. We should be getting more and more selective. Therefore I bookmark all interesting articles that I need to read sometime later, but you know what happens: you never re-open those bookmarks.

I need a solution where I can create categorized, custom reading lists. Add an article to that list easily – from my mobile device or desktop computer; whether I am at work or at home, or travelling.

2- Distraction

Content that comes for free is usually not ad-free. This creates distraction and cuts through the reading experience while you are concentrated. It gets worse if it’s a video ad and you need to watch at least 10 seconds of it to skip it.

I need a solution where I can only focus on the content, simple text, rather than distracting elements such as ads or “related articles”.

3- Read wherever I want

Sometimes I am on the train, sometimes at work. Or I am on a plane with my Kindle. Wherever I am, I want to be able to read the articles I have saved.

I need a solution where I can read my article lists on iOS or Android device, any PC or Macbook, even on Kindle.

4- Share an article with friends

Time to time, I find a number of articles quite interesting, and I want to forward them to my friends. But I want them to have the same reading experience as I do.

Or occassionally, I think I could actually provide those interesting articles to litereally anyone on earth, since I have seen my friends enjoy it quite much!

I need a solution where I can share my reading lists publicly, provide my readers a smooth and nice reading experience.

Articled is built to address those problems. It allows you to capture any webpage from your mobile device or desktop PC/MacBook, strips off the ads and other distracting pieces to leave you with the actual content. Then you can choose to read it offline, send to your Kindle, or even share it with the rest of the world!

Get started now, download it from articled.net.